Apólice de privacidade

Proffnet Mariusz Kuzior reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy. Every Customer and Proffnet's services User are obligated to accept the actual Privacy Policy which is available under the domain

All amendments do not have any influence on following basic rule: Proffnet does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes.

If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy please do not use or access our Site and do not buy products or services offered by Proffnet.


Personal information

During accessing services offered by Proffnet you may be asked for some of your personal data by fulfilling a form or in other way. In most of cases you will be asked for your name and e-mail address. In case of purchase order form - you will be asked for full personal information.

We require only this information, which is imperative for the proper work of the service. Incomplete information will block further procedure.


Subscription of free magazines

The subscription of electronic and free magazines offered by Proffnet requires providing your name and e-mail address by using the appropriate form. Such data is obligatory.

The collected information is added to the e-zin mailing list. The e-mail address is obligatory and enables sending to the reader the right magazine edition. The name allows Proffnet to name the reader correctly.


Ordering of services and products

Ordering of services and products offered by Proffnet requires more specified contact information by fulfilling it an appropriate place. The user is being currently informed about required information.


Unannounced messages

Proffnet reserves the right to sending unannounced messages to all users, whose contact details Proffnet posses and who have accepted the Privacy Policy.

By unannounced messages Proffnet understands those information which refer directly to Proffnet's services, magazines, offers and products (e.g. amendments, internal promotions), non-commercial letters (e.g. greeting cards, personal comments etc.) and commercial information, which have been pre-paid by the user to receive them.

Clients who ordered commercial mailings do not have access to contact details stored in the data list of Proffnet.

Commercial information are being filtered as far as possible, their size is limited and are sent seldom.


Public personal data

Your personal data is displayed throughout the Proffnet service sites and is being disclosured while sending comments regarding tourist accommodations, restaurants and leisure objects, public comments etc. and is therefore available to the public which visits these sites. Proffnet does not have any possibility to protect you against other private persons or companies, which may use your data for their marketing purposes. Therefore this data do not come under the Privacy Policy.


Other forms

Forms, which occur hospitably on Proffnet service sites and refer to services, products, offers and magazines, but are not hosted by Proffnet, do not come under the Privacy Policy.



Proffnet uses on certain pages of the site small files such as "cookies", which are being sent to the user's computer, to help analyze their web page flow.

Cookies are harmless, neither for the computer nor for the user and his data.

Our cookies will work if your browser accepts them and if you do not delete them from your hard drive.



The Privacy Policy does not refer to services and clients, whose contact details are mentioned on service sites and magazines which belong to Proffnet.

If you have additional questions, you may send e-mail to:


Exception of responsibility and its editor do not take any responsibility for published advertisements. The buyer should be careful while answering to advertisements or while making a money transfer. I do insist on reliable advertisers, but I can not take any responsibility for their action. The advertisers contact information and offer details can be treated as certain by the time of publishing.